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Share what matters to you, and stay up to date on the many ways to take action. Between 18-30 years old and joined the Civic Season this year? Sign up for a survey and get a $25 Amazon gift card.

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    Lonnie G. Bunch III
    Smithsonian Secretary

    "I stand for helping America live up to its most cherished ideals when I use history as a tool to understand our tortured racial past and shape our shared future."

    Min Jin Lee

    "I stand for women and girls when I support family planning."

    Coach Eric Reveno
    Assistant Coach, Oregon State Men's Basketball

    "I stand for team when I coach."

    Tayari Jones

    "I stand for democracy when I stand in the voting line, no matter how long it takes."

    Jasilyn Charger
    Earth Guardian and Founder, The 7th Defenders Project

    "I stand for water and all life when I resist new fossil fuel infrastructure."

    Eric Liu
    CEO, Citizen University

    "I stand for pluralism when I learn from people who disagree with me."

    Jose Antonio Vargas
    Founder, Define American

    "I stand for immigrants when I use the power of narrative."

    Danielle Allen
    Director, Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard University

    "I stand for honesty when I teach the good and the bad of our history."

    Philippa P.B. Hughes
    Social Sculptor + Creative Strategist

    "I stand for freedom when I make space for honest conversations across differences."

    Henry Jenkins
    Scholar and Author

    "I stand for democracy when I bring communities together through our Civic Imagination workshops."

    Debilyn Molineaux
    President/CEO, Bridge Alliance

    "I stand for dignity when I recognize the humanity in everyone I meet."

    If you could make your country better…wouldn’t you?

    The future is ours to shape. Every day offers a new chance to write the next chapter of the United States of America – from our traditions to our policies and practices. Held every summer between two watershed moments in our history, Civic Season is like the welcome party for the many hands involved in our democracy. Explore what you stand for – and connect with credible resources, passionate communities and avenues to amplify your voice.