July 4th commemorates the moment a new nation was born, based on ideals that each generation since has worked to bring to life:  freedom, equality, justice, and opportunity. Juneteenth, celebrated just a few weeks earlier, reminds us of the immense hurdles in our ongoing journey to form a “more perfect union.” Civic Season mobilizes us to connect with the past, take action in the present, and shape the future, through activities and events in our neighborhoods, cities, towns and social spaces. The future is up to us.

Our Mission

Made By Us is a coalition of 150+ museums, historic sites and historical societies joining forces to serve the next generation – meeting curiosity with credibility. Civic Season is one way we roll out the welcome mat for the future inheritors of the United States, putting history in their hands as a tool for informed, inspired civic participation.

Anchored by two dates that highlight the gap between our nation’s promises and practices, Civic Season is a new tradition to rewind, reflect and re-imagine our story – and it’s shaped by all who participate.

Our Supporters

Civic Season is made possible thanks to the generous support of the National Endowment for the Humanities, The Coca-Cola Company, AMERICAN HERITAGE® Chocolate and Airbnb.

Design Fellows

Civic Season is co-designed by 11 Fellows ages 18-30 from across the United States and territories.

Brontë de Cárdenas

Candace Bey

Dyani Wallace

Hope-Marie Delgado

Henry Jacob

Jasmine Lewis

Macy Mateer

Malithi Perera

Michael Wymer

Trey Delida

Trizha Loren Aquino


Made By Us and the Civic Season benefit from the collective leadership of its Steering Committee.


A small and mighty team from Made By Us is behind Civic Season. Contact us at

Nia Mosby

Cameron Katz

Kate Doak-Keszler

Caroline Klibanoff

Kaz Brecher

Valerie Donati

Claire Haley

Adam Rozan

Sam McGirt


These organizations elevate and grow Civic Season within their respective fields and communities.

Contributing Partners

More than 300 organizations have included events and resources in the 2022 Civic Season. Find one near you to keep exploring all year.

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Tools for Our Partners

If you’re participating in the Civic Season, look no further for shareable materials and resources.

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Where We Started…

This graphic represents the themes for the first Civic Season that were generated through a series of Socratic Dialogues. These guided conversations with students, historians and civic practitioners raised key questions and ideas around independence, celebration, and interdependence, forming a foundation for this emerging new tradition.

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…And Where We’re Going
The Road to 2026

We began Civic Season in 2021 to build a movement to shape the ways in which we understand and commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in 2026. Our story is complex and ever-evolving. How might we use a new holiday tradition as a springboard to face our past and shape our future?

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