Learn about the Enslaved People of Mount Vernon

George Washington's Mount Vernon , United States

Learn about the Daily Lives of the Enslaved Community at Mount Vernon, a plantation with 318 enslaved people working sun up to sun down in bondage for George Washington. Learn about how he profited from this system of enslavement throughout his life, and, despite private letters suggesting a shift in attitudes, only arranged to free […]


Reflect at Alexandria African American Heritage Park

Historic Alexandria , United States

This seven-acre park is an oasis within the City of Alexandria. Dedicated as a memorial to African American contributions to Alexandria’s history, it encompasses the Black Baptist Cemetery established in 1885. Stroll through the park to discover sculptures honoring Alexandria’s African American community and spaces for quiet reflection.


NOIR: A Juneteenth Exhibition

Illinois State Museum , United States

The Illinois State Museum presents the exhibition NOIR in collaboration with Springfield’s Juneteenth, Inc. and guest curators, Michelle “Micki” Smith and Korbin “KAS” King. The exhibition features 33 works of art by 20 artists of color celebrating Black lives, past, present, and future. A panel on the history of Juneteenth accompanies the exhibition.


Stronger Together: Black Liberation and Asian Solidarity

Japanese American National Museum , United States

The USC Pacific Asia Museum, the Chinese American Museum, and the Japanese American National Museum presented "Stronger Together: Black Liberation and Asian Solidarity" virtually on November 19, 2020. The discussion covered the historic moment in the movement for Black lives and the importance of cross-movement solidarity and coalitional consciousness. The panelists reflected on the history […]

Sign the Campaign for Equal Dignity Pledge

The National Center for Civil and Human Rights , United States

We, the People, pledge to advocate for Equal Dignity for all. We pledge to petition our elected leaders to join us in re-committing to protect fundamental human rights. The Campaign for Equal Dignity is galvanizing people who believe in human rights to demand equal dignity for all. Follow the Campaign for Equal Dignity on Social […]


Take a Tour through Kentucky’s Civil Rights History

Kentucky Historical Society Lexington, KY, United States

Through a digital (or in-real-life) tour of historical markers, learn about Kentuckians involvement in the push for Civil Rights, as well as landmark legislation, court decisions, and other activities which led to expanded freedom in the Commonwealth. Visit online or useThe ExploreKY smartphone app to access numerous tours and experiences, to customize walking, driving, or […]


Voices from Black Louisville, 1900-1940

Kentucky Historical Society , United States

In this collection of oral histories, African American residents of Louisville discuss their history from 1900 to 1940, especially their participation in education, politics, business, and community development.

Watch John Lewis Speak on Rights and Justice in America

National Archives Foundation , United States

Congressman John Lewis discusses rights in America in a 2016 video narrated by journalist Cokie Roberts. The video was part of a series of national conversations about equality in America to mark the 225th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights and accompany the National Archives' 2016 exhibit, Amending America.


Young Learner’s YouTube Series

National Archives , United States

This series of short programs connect young learners directly to history and the historical documents of the National Archives. Each video features a different historical figure important to America's past.


What Does Citizenship Mean as an American?

Colonial Williamsburg , United States

What are the responsibilities and opportunities of citizenship in our republic? Do we all have the same rights as citizens? Do we all view citizenship the same way? Watch a panel discussion between prominent voices in national affairs as they examine American citizenship. Panelists Cora Masters Barry, Founder and CEO of the Recreation Wish List […]

Walk Through the War: 1865

American Civil War Museum , United States

The conflict isn’t over after the the war in 1865. How do Americans reconcile with the weight and cost of the war while trying to reunify the nation and welcome people who have a newfound citizenship?