Simulation: Sovereignty and Neutrality in 1807

World101 from the Council on Foreign Relations , United States

The newly independent United States has sought to stay neutral during the Napoleonic Wars between France and the British Empire, but constraints on trade and British attacks on American shipping have left the United States questioning how it can exercise its freedom from European entanglements. How should the United States respond?


Meet Nanyehi “Nancy” Ward, Who Helped Lead the Cherokee Nation As a Teenager

Made By Us , United States

The Cherokee Nation had a long history of female leadership when white settlers first arrived in the area known today as the Southeastern United States. Cherokee society is matrilineal, meaning that tribal and clan membership is traced through mothers. The Women’s Council of Clan Representatives is one of the two governing bodies of the nation. […]


Records of Rights: Rights of Native Americans Exhibition

National Archives , United States

The history of Native American rights is not a progressive march; it’s a story of rights being alternately acknowledged and disregarded. In this struggle, tribes negotiated hundreds of treaties with the Federal Government. Nonetheless, Native Americans lost many rights due to conflicts with Americans and the interests of the Federal Government.


Becoming US

Smithsonian's National Museum of American History , United States

Becoming US is a new educational resource for high school teachers and students to learn immigration and migration history in a more accurate and inclusive way.


Indigenous Mariners of Coastal North Carolina

North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport Southport, NC, United States

Click through an exploration of the first inhabitants of the Lower Cape Fear in North Carolina, what became of these early tribes, and what we learn from them today.  


Culinary Traditions within the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma with Chef Nico Albert

Smithsonian's National Museum of American History OK, United States

How do you decolonize your diet to honor traditional foodways? Join Chef Nico Albert to learn about her efforts to revitalize indigenous cuisine and connect even more deeply to her community in the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma through indigenous ingredients and traditional foods.


View the Treaties Between Native Tribes and the U.S. Government

National Archives Foundation , United States

Through the Indigenous Digital Archive, the U.S. National Archives holds 374 of the Ratified Indian Treaties. Here you can view them for the first time with key historic works that provide context to the agreements made and the histories of our shared lands.


How WWI Changed America: Native Americans in WWI

The contributions of Native American people to the WWI war effort helped win the war and, in 1924, citizenship for all Indigenous peoples in the U.S. In 6 minutes or less, find out more about the Native American experience in WWI.

Civic Season Kickoff with Putnam Museum Superheroes

Putnam Museum 1717 W. 12th St., Davenport, IA, United States

Join us as we kickoff Civic Season Saturday, June 17, at the Putnam Museum. Visit our new regional history exhibit, Common Ground: Our Voice, Our Stories, and learn about our community's historic civic "superheroes." Explore our collective past through stories and artifacts as told through many diverse voices. There is plenty of room for reflection, […]


Civic Season: Community and You

American Revolution Museum at Yorktown 200 Water Street, Route 1020, Yorktown, VA, United States

Discover your role as a citizen by exploring the founding documents, looking at different perspectives in history, testing your knowledge of the past and exploring cultural convergences of the Powhatan, English and West Central Africans through foodways. A special art program at 10 a.m. will offer fresh views of the American Revolution with paintings by […]

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