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Participants visit to find hundreds of ways to explore past, present and future – like walking tours, exhibits, dinner dialogues, volunteering, and public events.

Make sure your activities and resources are discoverable by submitting them to the website using this form. This form is estimated to take about 5 minutes per item.

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Program Criteria
  • We welcome a variety of activities that help people learn about, connect with, or take part in shaping the broad American experience.
  • Civic Season is for everyone, but we have a special focus on creating a valuable experience and set of resources for the future inheritors of the United States. Please ensure your item is accessible to an 18-30 year-old audience.
  • Submissions may be pre-existing resources or made new for Civic Season.
  • Submit one form per program. Alternately, you may submit a link to an event series or collection of items.
  • Items must be non-partisan, fact-based and available between June 17 and July 4.
  • Items are not automatically approved. A panel will evaluate all items for fit, and may suggest changes or alter event titles to be clearer.
  • Download the Criteria and Tip Sheet for help.

If items do not make it on the website due to deadline or fit, we still encourage you to share them out as part of #CivicSeason on your site or in the social media campaign.