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The nation’s leading cultural institutions are teaming up with the next generation to shape a new summer tradition: the Civic Season.

Summer 2023, people will visit the Civic Season website to find hundreds of ways to take part, like walking tours, exhibitions, bridging dialogues, learning modules, volunteering, and live events. The Civic Season is for all, but we have a special focus on resources for those ages 18-30: the future inheritors of our nation.

Use this form to submit items for the 2023 Civic Season. Submissions officially open, March 1, 2023 and close April 30, 2023 (Need more info? Go here.)

Program Criteria
  • We welcome a variety of formats and topics that help people learn about, connect with, or take part in shaping the broad American experience.
  • Submissions may be pre-existing resources or made new for Civic Season.
  • Submit one form per program. Alternately, you may submit a link to an event series or collection of videos, for example, but often it’s better to select specific resources based on quality and subject matter.
  • Items must be non-partisan, fact-based, ADA-compliant, and available to access between June 17 and July 4.
  • The criteria prioritizes serving an audience of 18-30 year-olds in the U.S. All submissions will be evaluated by the Civic Season team and fellows.
  • Download the Criteria + Tip Sheet for help.

We reserve the right to remove items from the site at any time. If items do not make it on the website due to deadline or fit, we still encourage you to share them out as part of #CivicSeason on your site or in the social media campaign.

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All day long on June 12, we'll kick off the Season with opening ceremonies - events all across the country, from picnics to parties to panels to volunteering. Consider hosting an event of your own and joining the livestream! You can do your own thing entirely, or make use of printables, giveaways, promo kit and livestream - we'll send you details on materials if this box is checked. Anything happening on June 12 can be included, and featured on the Kickoff page.

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