The first ever Civic Season, held in 2021, was shaped by many hands. Here’s a record of all that we built, together, to shape the ongoing American story.

Check out how we got here and why Civic Season matters.

What Do You Think Is Worth Celebrating Today?

Head to this summer's Public Square to add your voice.

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Easy Ways to Add Your Voice

In 2021, these were suggestions for quick ideas to get started – feel free to make your own and share to our Zine for this summer!

Take the quiz to find your civic strengths and where to get started.

Play Civic Season Bingo and print or share cards with others.

How do you celebrate? Mark off your “This Or That” card.

Spark Discussion

The themes for the first Civic Season were generated through Socratic Dialogue conversations with students, historians and civic practitioners.

Host Your Own Conversation

We encourage you to hold conversations in your community and with family and friends, and have provided a simple How-To Guide to make it easy. Feel free to share the outcomes of your conversations with us at

For Educators

Continue momentum with civic learning throughout the summer with this Civic Season guide for students and teachers from our partners at New American History. Get the Teacher Guide or Student Guide.

Use the Graphic

  • Mount the printed graphic on a wall or movable whiteboard and invite people to add sticky notes with their reflections
  • Set up a selfie station for people to take photos and tag #CivicSeason
  • Add a prompt above or below, like “What’s worth celebrating to you?”

Conversations on Clubhouse

What should this new tradition look like – and how can our past set us up for a better future? We held a Socratic Dialogue conversation in History Club on Clubhouse, on Thursday June 3rd 2021. Hear what people had to share from many varied perspectives.

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Freedom – it’s more than a piece of paper. How can we redefine independence, freedom and rights with a new annual #CivicSeason that looks back at our past, and informs our future? We met in History Club for a deep dive into freedom, on June 17, 2021.

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