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Civic Season Podcast Wins Anthem Award

Made By Us and WABE 90.1FM take home the Silver Award in the Civil and Human Rights caetgory.

Your Guide to an ATL Civic Season
By Claire Haley

Here are our top picks of AHC Originals for the summer.

The Civic Season is upon us!
By Civic Nebraska

Let's go Nebraska.

Want to make change? Make a zine.
By Kate Doak-Keszler

Travel through zine history and make your own.

How to host a meaningful Fourth of July Gathering with Citizen University
By Citizen University

Navigating this Independence Day can feel hard. How can we spend the holiday doing something meaningful, intentional, and rejuvenating?

Working to Engage Gen Z in History, Civics
By Sheffield Hale

Civic Season helps us reckon with the reality of our democracy: that we have yet more promises unfilled, but we also have the power to inform and shape our country.

Let the Civic Season Begin!
By Steve Smith

To celebrate, we offer 20 everyday steps anyone can take this Civic Season – or any season – to build a more modern, robust democracy.

The Time is Now for Tackling Historical Illiteracy and Creating a New Type of Civic Participation
By Andy Masich

A group of directors representing some of the nation’s largest and most influential history museums gathered to talk about how we might best work together.

Bringing history’s posters to today’s civic action efforts: A Q&A with Globe Press
By Cameron Katz

Posters used to be a primary means of communication. It was an inexpensive way to communicate to everyday people.

Museums have started a new a history holiday
By John G. Marks

What I find most impressive about Civic Season, along with the broader efforts of Made By Us, is that is offers such a fantastic example of meeting people where they are.

The "stuff" democracy is made of
By Sam McGirt

It was one thing for me to read about the military conclusion to the Civil War, but it was another thing entirely to stand in front of the table and chairs used by both Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant.

Atlanta History Center Plays Key Role In Celebrating Democracy For America’s 250th Birthday
By John Ruch

“The idea is, we’ve never been perfect, it’s always been hard, and people have always had to work at it,” says Sheffield Hale, the center’s president and CEO.

Message from Utah Governor Spencer Cox
By Utah Office of the Governor

Through Utah's Civic Season we are better able to understand the past and use it to shape the future.

City of Madison Recognizes Inaugural Civic Season
By City of Madison, WI

The City of Madison Common Council passed an honoring resolution on Tuesday.

'What Freedom Means' Civic Season Series
By Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation

A themed series of civics-related programs and events in June and July to engage younger generations in the role of American democracy.

It’s Time For Gen Z To Lead The Conversation About What It Means To Be An American
By Cameron Katz

It’s 2006, I’m six and we’re watching ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ on the portable TV in the car.

Why We Need a Civic Season
By Claire Haley and Kristian Weatherspoon

The bottom line is that today’s issues are only solvable by a broad coalition of interested and engaged people.

Host Your Own Dynamic Dinner Dialogue with “Feast of Reason”
By Made By Us

An inspired addition to your table — and your citizenship— from Monticello

Widening the Lens: How the Landscape of Out First Civic Season Emerged
By Kaz Brecher

Historical thinking is anything but a binary exercise. The truth is that we are defined by everything honored during Juneteenth and celebrated on July 4th

Busting the Sole Founder Myth (From 1776 to Today)
By Caroline Klibanoff

History is made by everyday people who spend five minutes helping a neighbor unload groceries, 30 minutes researching their ballot, or an hour attending a school board meeting.

Why History Museums Are Convening a ‘Civic Season’
By Chris Wilson

At the museum, we have developed an active and dynamic visitor experience—creating a space alive with conversation that creates community.

Live from Monticello: Civic Season Q&A
By Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

Nia Mosby, Adam Rozan, Bronte de Cardenas and Trizha Loren Aquino share about the 2022 Civic Season.

Airbnb's Civic Season Wishlist
By Airbnb

Civic Season is a new summer tradition between Juneteenth and July 4th to explore what we stand for.

Howdy fellow democracy lovers!
By Pizza to the Polls

Think of it as Coachella meets democracy plus…you guessed it…some delicious pizza provided by Pizza to the Polls.


A Digital Zine for America’s 250th

We’re capturing photos, stories and comments from the #CivicSeason experience. If you’re here, you’re a part of it!

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This is our moment in history - which makes us the primary source. We’ve partnered with StoryCorps to capture stories of those who join and build Civic Season through the nation’s 250th – in a collection that lives at the Library of Congress.

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